Islam in France Islamization



And there are still people who contact me complaining that I’m over exaggerating the Muslim impact on Europe. I think not.

Muslim Voters Change Europe

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  1. Europe is doomed unless something is done soon. Ten years from now it will be too late and Leftist enablers, the chicken-shit traitors that they are, will finally realise that they have betrayed their own kind and committed treason of the highest order.
    I sincerely hope that if there is due to be a caliphate, that when it arrives, the Leftards bear the worst of this and suffer the worst. They will have no friends, either on the side of the anti-Muslim resistance movement or on the side of the Muslims. They will be all alone with plenty of time to contemplate what they have done!
    I really despise the Left, and can’t wait for them to be exposed for the smug, spineless, liars that they really are – but hopefully in a free society and not in an Islamic one!

  2. If the Left makes this happen, it would be nice to see them lining up for the chopping block. And no US blood spilled this time.

  3. Right on the money Softly Bob,
    I hope they get whats coming to them too. They get me so riled up that I can hardly contain myself.

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