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It’s one of the reasons why Iranian leaders boast that there are no homosexuals in Iran….for long. And the Left pimp for this regime. Disgusting.

Iran to execute 4 men convicted of sodomy

05/17/2012 07:21

Under the Iranian legal system, 8 crimes including murder, rape, drug trafficking and sodomy can be capital offenses.

HangingPhoto: Morteza Nikoubazi/Reuters

The Iranian judiciary this week upheld the death penalty for four men convicted of sodomy, according to the Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA).

The agency distributes reports in Persian from human rights reporters throughout Iran.

According to the report, the four men – named as Saadat Arefi, Vahid Akbari, Javid Akbari, and Houshmand Akbari, all from the city of Charam in Iran’s remote southeastern province of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad – were convicted of sodomy (“lavat” in Farsi).

Lavat refers to male same-sex relations and in Iranian law is defined as “an act of congress between males whether in the form of penetration or the rubbing of thighs.”

Under the Iranian legal system, which is based on Shi’a Islamic law but retains aspects of civil law, eight crimes including murder, rape, drug trafficking and sodomy can be capital offenses.

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  1. Yes, but we all know that they’re not practicing ‘proper’ Islam!
    Like some other Middle East governments, they’re misunderstanding their own tolerant and peaceful religion. They need to have a proper Islamic government like Saudi Arabia…. no wait, not them…. like Sudan…. not them either…. like Somalia or Iraq or Yemen or … oh… I’ve give up, but you know what I mean!
    It’s like Communism. The Soviet Union never practiced it right. They didn’t know what true communism was . Come to think of it, nor did Kampuchea nor Vietnam, nor does China, North Korea…. and so on!

  2. This is another bizarre thing about islam. Sexual abuse of boys is rampant. I wonder if the extreme sanction and homophobia is more about muslim males’ deep insecurity.

    1. It is indeed. There’s no gay-basher like an old closet gay!
      In Islam however, they find excuses to get round it. They actually don’t know what homosexuality is or what it means. According to them buggery between males is fine. This is not actually homosexuality (?!?). Equal partnerships between consenting males is actually how they define homosexuality and quite often it is only the passive partner (receiver) who is guilty of the crime.
      In other words, Islam tries to remove love from everything, as homosexuality is defined by Muslims as effeminacy and gay love is effeminate in their eyes, but good old-fashioned man-on-man rape or aggressive man-boy rape is fine!

  3. The Iran regime tries to spread its gay hate beyond its own borders
    Telegraph May 22nd 2012
    The Islamic Republic [of Iran] said it had withdrawn its ambassador from Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan that hosts the event on Saturday, “in connection with the insulting of religious saints”.
    Azerbaijan’s hosting of the Eurovision Song Contest – a flamboyant annual pageant of pop music from around Europe – has been condemned by some Iranian clerics and MPs who have referred to a “gay parade” – although no such event is planned.
    A senior Iranian cleric, Ayatollah Sobhani, issued a statement urging Muslims in the region to protest what he described as anti-Islamic behaviour by Azerbaijan’s government.

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