US/Israeli Relations



Yep, we really do know who’s corner Obama is in.

Let them hold their flunky drills that cost the US taxpayer millions of dollars that they don’t have. They could have gotten more bang for their buck with a joint exercise with the best of the best, but instead they chose the worst o the worst.

NOTE: All you pro-Israel Americans out there, please keep this one behind the ear when you enter into the polling booth, if you need extra incentive that is.

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  1. Well we know what side the US is on as regards the Middle East.

    Maybe it’s a good thing that the enemies of Israel don’t get to benefit from direct practice with the IDF.

    A dark joke in WW2 was that the German Nazi forces were complaining about the effectiveness of their Italian allies and losses from friendly fire. The Allied response was, “You may have the Italians, but we have the Americans.”

  2. We all know if the IDF was there, soldiers from Arab armies would shoot at them. Better to not let the muslims know their tactics. As we learned from over ten years of dealing directly with muslim police and armies, it can all go out the window tomorrow. More wasted money. They and their cult are one and the same.

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