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To understand the mind of the statist, is to understand the socialism of the Nazis and Marxists.

We see a rise in ultra-nationalist socialism, and Marxism, because SOCIALISM as a whole…..has never been truly defeated as an ideology. Yes the United States carried the fight against ”communism”, but never truly debunked European socialism as being part and parcel of the very same ideology (communism) that they were trying to defeat.

There is an excellent book by George Watson published in 1998, called The Lost Literature of Socialism, that I think you would find interesting. The basic premise being that much of the old writings of Marx, Jung and Engels, as well as many of their contemporaries in the 1900’s would never have had a problem with Hitler’s genocide of the Jews, they promoted in their writings the very same for other peoples, albeit for different reasons of course, as we know from the Stalin period.

Hitler’s German National Socialism (heretical Marxism) owed much to Marxist theory. What we have seen over the last 90 years or so has been a fight for the mantel of who best represents “ideal socialism”. Also, take a look at the proponents of ”open borders” and ”slammed shut borders” movements, real nut-jobs. Every one of them when pressed, opt for socialism/distribution of wealth (a.k.a statism) and obviously have serious issues with free market economics and protection of property rights.

I agree with Alain Besancon, the French historian or political scientist, who insists that the Nazis were “leftists” and he says that they were generally called leftists in the years before the war. The Marxists, and other socialists of different stripes were switching shirts for Fascism/Nazism up until the demise of the Fascist/Nazis….and then returned to their former ranks along with ”former nazis” in the various SDP parties throughout Europe.

NOTE: Many of these Marxists and Hitlerites fromed the ranks of the EU political elite.

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