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An interesting aspect to Hollande’s family tree. However, I am more than certain that his own father would not be in disagreement with his son’s political beliefs. In fact, he would be embracing them.

Nazi Collaborator’s Son Becomes President of France

[…] Hollande’s father was Georges Hollande, a petainiste, that is, a supporter of the Vichy govt, and in later years a close associate of Jean-Louis Tixier-Vignancour, a pro-fascist, petainiste. Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the National Front party, now headed by his daughter, Marine Le Pen, was an assistant of Tixier-Vignancour.

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NOTE: The author of the above piece however, makes a classic error in trying to diminish the socialist pedigree of the Nazis. Outside of the anti-Semitism, fraudulent genetics science, euthanasia, and genocide, Hitler’s German version of Marx’s socialism very much resembles the welfare state societies of Europe today. While Hitler used the private industry to help build the German state and aid his war plans, he used them, and allowed some measure of private property as far as it served the German state’s goals. Modern day European socialism pretty much follows the same path.

This is not to hold modern day socialists to blame for past (monstrous) sins, but to show the modern socialist statist’s political lineage, what baggage they hold and, understandably, desperately trying to relieve themselves of.  During the 20’s, 30’s and after WWII, the Fascists/Nazis and the various other branches of Marxism were swapping shirts, the thread that bound them together however, was their revulsion of capitalism, and protection of private property rights.

Hitler’s strain of heretical Marxism, IMHO, has much in common with what passes for normal today in Europe, as well as in Communist China…which has embraced some measure of captialism…as long as it serves the state, and no one dares question the Chinese government’s socialist pedigree.

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