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The following comment was left in the TT’s mail box to a post about a verbal exchange I had with representatives of a youth league, promoting the EU in the streets of Jyväskylä Finland on ”Europe Day”.  The EU spends £3.8 billion (4.7 billion Euros-$6.1 billion) on self promotion.

Arnar Björnsson:  They are also having a whole week around this European Day (which to me is nothing more than EU-propaganda week) here as well.

They know that the majority of Icelandic people are very much against joining the EU.

They call us nationalistic for waving our flag on celebratory days whilst the EU has its own flag up every day of the week. They take a day that’s supposed to be a European day and turn it into something directly related to the EU, as if to say that if you want to feel like a part of Europe and take part in this day that celebrates peace and unity in in this continent, then you’d better sign up for this club they’re pushing on everyone in Europe.

They have stupid comic books celebrating the EU (Captain Euro…seriously?!) and other so obvious propaganda going on that they go defensive about the purpose of this day here in Iceland when people point out the obvious attempt of glorifying the EU.

Every rule and regulation it sets is so perfect, we will get a fair hearing in their “hall of justice” (I’m joking, but really? One guy representing a faraway island will get a fair hearing, or have any say in policy making etc.? We’ve heard that one before, when the Danish government ruled over us) and so on.

I don’t trust the EU, the arrogant actions of this rich man’s club are just too stinky and obvious not to notice (by the way, a EU spokesman has even blamed us for the volcanic eruption back in 2010…that we caused so much damage to European economy, seriously using the guilt card to make us feel sorry for something planet Earth did). I’m not sure if I should consider myself European anymore. We’re partially not even geographically European.

Sorry, this comes off as a rant perhaps but reading local news about this European Day really gnawed at my nerves.

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