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Like everything else that the Obumbler touches.

NOTE: The UN should be closed, permanently, and cell phones passed out to every one coming out.

U.S. Syrian Policy: A Massacre in Progress; A Disgrace in the Making

Another monitoring mission, another set of people from all over the world making excuses, trying to explain the unexplainable and getting frustrated and fired upon to boot. When will the world follow a plan that makes sense. To the world we say: Give us what we need to get the mission accomplished, not what you need to feel good about yourselves.” –Syrian Revolution Digest, April 21, 2012 

By Barry Rubin

U.S. policy toward Syria is turning into a scandal on both strategic and humanitarian grounds. The next three months will be wasted in a toothless observer effort during which time the Syrian regime will go on massacring people and mopping up the rebellion. In addition, U.S. policymakers admit that they have no real back-up policy and what they should do next.

And then to show how ridiculous the whole thing is, Syrian troops opened fire at oppositionists trying to talk to the UN monitors, forcing the observers to flee for their lives and injuring eight demonstrators. The UN responds by proposing a few dozen more, equally helpless, observers.

This is the same UN that in 2006 promised Israel that it would intercept Syrian weapons being smuggled to Hizballah in Lebanon and stop that radical group from reoccupying its pre-war positions in the south of the country. In six years, not a single weapon has been intercepted and not a single Hizballah terrorist stopped. On the contrary, with Syrian backing, Hizballah has terrorized the thousands of soldiers in the UN forces in Lebanon.

3 Responses

  1. The massacre will stop when the opposition is massacred. Then, if it comes before the US election, Obama wil claim credit.

  2. Why has the O’Bama Administration called on Hosni Mubarak and Moammar Khadaffy to step down but not Assad?

    Could it be that being the most anti-American, pro-Iran country in the region wins Syria Brownie Points with the O’Bama Administration?

  3. I can tell you that the Christian Armenians in Syria are deathly afraid that Assad will fall to the Muslim Brotherhood (which includes Al Qaeda) and the Salafists. It’s not that they like Assad, it’s that they know that it will be much worse if the Islamists take power in Syria. As an American of Armenian descent I find it bizarre that the US supported the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists in Egypt and Libya, and now Syria. Does the West have a death wish? Does the West know that it is promoting female bondage? Does the West know that Islam is in jihad against it? Does the West have a secret plan to surround Israel with implacable enemies? The West looks like morons on a death march.

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