Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Obama Obama's Socialist Pals



The Republicans may have a few weasels in the closet to sort out, but the Democrats have one whack-job after the other to contend with, and at high levels of influence. Anyone claiming to be a supporter of Israel and votes Democrat in this election cycle, has a lot of explaining to do, IMHO.

Team Obama includes a self-identified “Muslim Palestinian-American” campaign fundraiser who has a history of blasting Israel in highly charged letters and newspaper articles about the Middle East conflict.

Hala Hijazi, a Jordanian native and current San Francisco city employee, has personally secured between $100,000 to $200,000 for Obama’s reelection effort, according to Federal Election Committee filings.

She also has gone on record accusing Israel of war crimes while castigating America for providing the Jewish state critical military aid—a long-term investment that has bolstered U.S. security interests.

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  1. Her last name, Hijazi, means she’s NOT Fakestinian, but Arabian, from the Hijaz area. Just like all Fakestinians.

  2. Sexy girl, she looks hot!
    It’s a shame that the ideology that she defends will only cover her pretty face and enslave her when her usefulness is over.
    Muslimas baffle me! What can they possibly gain from supporting this shit? Even Muslim paradise offers them nothing!
    The real bimbos are not the women of the West, but the stupid female Palestinians, female Saudis, female Iranians, female Pakistanis and female Afghans who champion their own misery!
    Maybe Mohammed was right, maybe women really are deficient in intelligence!

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