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The aim is to supposedly bring Arab children up to par with their studies in Arabic, so that they can have relative ease in switching to Iraqi schools once their families move back home. Anyone reading this actually believe that that will eventually be the case?

NOTE: Call me cynical, perhaps the Iraqi government’s intentions are in fact honorable, but given the record of big government’s ”good intentions”, we have good cause for worry.

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Iraq wants their own schools in Sweden

28.4.2012 18:39

Keskisuomalainen: Iraq wants to set up their own schools in Sweden. Schools give instruction in Arabic and they were intended specifically for children from an Iraqi background.

Iraqi Embassy in Stockholm has made a motion to the Swedish Ministry of Education, says the Swedish Riksdag & Departement Journal on its website.

– Sooner or later, many Iraqis living in Sweden, will be returning to their home country. We want you to have a stage of education, which they will be useful in Iraq and that they know Arabic, says Ambassador Hussain Al-Ameri.

The schools were of primary school education level and their cost would be picked up by the Iraqi government.


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  1. According to Riksdag & Departement Journal, Finland is Next as the Gov. of Irak wants to open Schools in all the Nordic Countries after they’ve established a beachhead in Sweden. The Schools will follow the Iraqi curriculum and while they will initially only be upto year six, the intent is for them to cover education all the way through High School. (year 12). The Iraqi Government estimates there to be about 250 000 people in Sweden of Iraqi origin and it seems that like the Turks in Germany, they want these people to remain subjects of Irak rather than assimilate.

    BTW: Google Maria Baro – A 19 y.o Swede of Iraqi origin, Honour Murdered by her brother a couple of days ago. Her younger brother as well as her mother currently under arrest. Seems like she became “too Swedish” for her families liking. Also, when she was 14 y.o., her family took her to Irak and forced her to marry a man there. A few years later, the managed to make it back to Sweden and lived under threat until this week, when she was stabbed to death. Seems to me like young women are more likely to assimilate than men. Might be that they have more to gain from it?

    Question is: Her family forcibly married off their underage daughter and while on vacation and lefter her in Irak – Why aren’t they go to jail for that? If an ethnically Swedish family had done the same to their daughter, would they have walked free? Of course not. This is Multiculturalism at it’s finest. Multiculturalism is not about what foods you eat or what dances you dance at parties. It is THIS. It is one law for the natives and different ones (their own) for “The Other”.

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