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I believe that it’s highly probable. I helped ESW interview police officers from the very same Malmö police station a few years ago, and as I noted then, they appeared to me as being sick to death of all the nightly rioting and mayhem from the immigrant community in their city. Here is the video from 2009 in Malmö, I was filming the interview.

 NOTE: At some point, even the best of the best lose it somewhat. What should be discussed here is not the police officer in question, but the wild bunch of jerks that they have to exert control of each and every night, and the policies that enable it.

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  1. Here in Israel our police and IDF, similar to Malmo, have known nothing else but riots and terror attacks interspersed with trained anarchists baiting and provoking. Regardless of training or character, eventually, it can break even the toughest. The problem seems to be that those who are there to protect us are put under horrific restrictions, then tarred and feathered for reacting. Every thinking person knows the problem~political correctness and useful idiots are helping Islam to destroy our freedoms and the world as we know it. People need to wake up, the dark ages are upon us…

    1. Exactly Nili, Shlomo Eisner comes to mind, he had enough and out came the butt of his rifle. I really can’t blame him in any respect outside of allowing it to be caught on camera.

  2. It has been repeatedly shown in scientific experiments that swearing reduces stress and physical pain. You can keep your hand over an open flame longer if you swear.

    It is in fact a very basic physical coping mechanism.

    Racial slurs seem to be pretty similar to swearing in how they are used.

    That does not mean it’s appropriate behavior, especially from people who’s job is to deal with the public.

  3. It depends upon what the “racial slur” was. These complainers may very well be stretching the definition in order to create a situation that can be exploited.

    The slur in the article is a word which translates to “darned immagrants” which is not a racial slur in America- or anywhere else as “immagrant” is not a race.

    We all know that “acceptable” terms for groupings of people seem to change every once in a while for no reason – and then self appointed advocates screach about intolerance whenever the new words are not used. This could be that sort of situation.

    Also, as non norwegians it is impossible for us to know how negative what they said really is- Every countries history of racial integration is completely different. The words in the article may or may not be viewed by the norwegian residents they represent as hurtful.

    All we can know is that the prosecutors want us to think the words are considered innapropriate.

  4. Waitaminute- “in the heat of the moment as people began climbing on the police bus in which the officers were riding.”

    the “offencive language” happend when the police were inside a bus that was being attacked! WTF? That was a frikkin combat situation! They are being lambasted for using innapropriate language when people were physically attacking them?

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