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Salafist jihadi wannabees = eventual violent terrorists.

The Mohammedan cult of the mystic moose in Belgium

Intelligence Service: Small Islamist Group May Become Violent

BadNewsFromTheNetherlandsBlog: The 2011 Annual Report of the Dutch Intelligence Service AIVD mentions that the Shariah4Holland group has the potential to become violent. This small radical Islamist group publicly strives for the introduction of Shariah law in the Netherlands. The movement attacks in a provocative way dissident Muslims and the perverted Dutch Western society.

Its supporters disturbed a debate in Amsterdam about reform in Islam. They have indicated together with Shariah4Belgium that they will commit more of these types of actions. The AIVD says that the threat of the group at present results from the polarizing and radicalizing effect which starts from provocative actions and ambiguous remarks about the use of violence.

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  1. A flag that is flying, that reminds my of that little horse that was flying. Everybody knows about the flying horse, or donkey, of carpet whatsoever! The holy prophet of Allah once went in one night back and forth to the holy city (in this case: Jerusalem). Back then in those times there were no air-planes or TGV. So the messenger of Allah went on the back of a little horse to see the capital of the jewish state. That horse was flying. Never before and never afterwards ever somebody has seen a flying horse, accept in the Greek mythology of course! That hose was flying just as that flag is flying! Only in their mind! Only make believer, a fairy-tale, a virtual flag that is virtually flying, like in a kids story book.

    1. There is no record in the koran of mohamed visiting J’lem, nor is Mo a holy man.

  2. The fundamentalist of islam will bring the world back to the middle ages. They are controll freaks and use a religion to controll and have some power.
    I would believe in Allah if there were no muslims…

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