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It’s party time for the sec-of-state!


At this weekend’s Sixth Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia, Hillary Clinton decided to get her groove on at taxpayer expense. Beer in hand, the Secretary of State partied with her friends at the Café Havana last night.

No word on where her Secret Service protection was at the time.

ABC: CARTAGENA, Colombia — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton kicked back Saturday night, dancing and drinking beer at a local hotspot after a day of summit meetings in Cartagena.

The AFP/Getty got images of the Secretary dancing at Café Havana with her hands up in the air and swigging a local brew with friends.

Clinton and President Obama are spending the weekend in the resort town for the Summit of the Americas, along with the leaders of 33 Latin American countries.


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  1. Nice to see the Sec. of State have a few fun moments at the job; especially on a regular stop. I don’t begrudge her. I’ll bet she’s fun to party with.

    What I don’t like is some of these travel/shopping junkets that Michelle O’Bama is known to take. These are expensive if she takes them on her own dime. However, since she’s 1st lady, the taxpayer picks up the private jet and secret service costs which are enormous.

    1. You’ll have to excuse me, for I may sound a bit abrupt, but I take a different track TINSC. I think that they all suck, have done rotten jobs in not serving US interests, do not deserve squat, and should be removed come November. 🙂

      1. I agree with you. They deserve nothing for their sedition.

  2. With Obama and Hillary everything is planned. Just like the photo of Bill and Hill dancing on the beach one month before the Lewinsky scandal broke. What is the message? Everybody is doing it.

    Pay attention to what happens at the summit that does not get reported, as Obama used the attack on the Supreme Court to direct attention away from getting flogged by the leaders of Mexico and Canada. Obama planned to use the summit to work on his hispanic base. See what gets reported in the Spanish press. MSM is covering.

  3. In fact, this is nothing more than Hillary showing how to get out of the house and work a real job. Ann Romney (who according to Obama funder Bill Maher, never “got her @$$ out of the house” to work a “real” job) should take note–real jobs involve expensive junkets to deluxe hotels and then whooping it up in bars. Too bad about that Mormon thing, Mrs. R–you will never cut it… But I hope you will get a chance to do that First Lady job.

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