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  1. In 2009, Jobbik launched a campaign to expunge from textbooks the accepted theory according to which Hungarians are a Finno-Ugric people, and replace it with one according to which they are related to the Huns, Avars and Scythians, Indo-Iranian nomads that inhabited large parts of the Eurasian steppe in the first half of the first millennium C.E. The party, whose EP delegation is led by a professor of criminal law and whose paramilitary offshoot, the Hungarian Guard, has recently been banned, called on the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and universities to rectify their curricula, asserting that the Finno-Ugric theory was a Hapsburg plot to break the self-respect of the Hungarian people. link

    In 2010, Orban plainly demonstrated his bias against the West September 11, 2010 Arab-Hungarian Friendship Day

    In 2012, Hungary again revised the number of religions recognized as official by the government and for the first time gave recognition to Islam under a coalition formed between the Hungarian Islamic Community and the Hungarian Islamic Council and Tan Kapuja Buddhist Church, Buddhist Mission . From comment at Islam v. Europe blog:

    “The two islamic community united, but altogether last year they had 700 members.(from the 4 million tax payer only 700 people offered them the 1% of their taxes) The community which one wanted to built Hungary’s first mosque (after the turkish occupation more then 200 years ago there were no operating mosques)didn’t get the recognition.”

    Don’t Hungarian children still read Géza Gárdonyi’s “Eclipse of the crescent Moon”? Learn about the Siege of Eger ( “Egri csillagok”)?

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