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  1. what she said.
    the muslimes aren’t lying, they aren’t hiding their aims.
    so how is it that the likes of cnn, ny times etc. can’t see them?
    its just like those who could not believe hitler and his pronouncements in mien kampf.

    1. You hear what you want to hear; you take bits of information that are compatible with your world view and reject anything else that conflicts with that world view.

      This was beautifully illustrated by this interview.

      On one level Spitzer was listening; on another level – a deeper level – he just was not listening.

      He just does not get the basic fact that those Muslims who take the Koran and Sharia seriously are the ones who are creating jihad all over Europe and North America.

      He needs to go and read the Koran, and for good measure the Sira – the biography of Mohammed.

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