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Actually, the headline should read:

“Muslim government minister believes he knows what Muslim males are like.”


However, “one [criterion] will be when someone wears a skirt above the knee,” according to the Jakarta Post.

“Pornography is something that we can feel … but we have to make the criteria,” said Dr Suryadharma.

However, he did offer some exceptions for places where dress codes differed from those in the Muslim-majority country.

“Of course there are some exception for places like Bali and Papua. Balinese women, for instance, they have unique way of dressing, the upper part of their traditional dress (does not cover their shoulders) but it’s not pornography. They also dance gracefully and it’s not considered pornography. So we have to set criteria of what pornography is.”

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NOTE: Balinese women and their menfolk should be very nervous about losing their culture to the majority run Muslim state. They’ll be hard pressed to find an exception to the rule of Islamization purging cultures of its non-Muslim traditions and norms. Eventually, anything deemed non-Islamic simply has to go, just like the former statues of Buddha in backwater Afghanistan.

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  1. How dare these women wear mini-skirts as a weapon against poor defenseless hormone-ridden Muslim men? Everyone knows that Muslim men aren’t real men, but insecure little boys, swaggering with false bravado and uncontrollable erections. These women are scaring these poor little boys with their provocative bare legs and this sort of female bullying has to stop!
    Muslim men need protecting from these shameless sluts. I hope these bad women get everything they deserve, they’re asking to be raped. Cover them from head to toe, I say, that way the feeble-minded, weak-willed Muslim men can be left alone in peace, free from female distractions to pursue their gentle hobbies of child-molesting and suicide-bombing.

  2. Mozlems don’t need the “excuse” of a miniskirt, they are happy raping females of virtually ANY age in any outfit. In Afghnistan they wear head to toe burkas and it makes no difference. More sick lies from the religion of lies and rape!!

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