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With the radical racist/fascist New Black Panther party (in uniforms and all) calling for a manhunt for the man who shot a black teenager while (apparently) defending himself, film maker Spike Lee retweets the the man’s home address for all to see. If harm comes to the man, he will be, in part, responsible for it.

More here.

NOTE: Mr.Obama had the golden opportunity to move the country away from race politics on many occasions, but instead, decided to immerse himself and his administration in them for political gain. Be prepared people, I’ve been warning about the potential violence that could be unleashed in the upcoming months during the presidential elections. The Left has been banging the war drum over the past few years and are promising violence in the streets.

Race baiters like J.Jackson, Al Sharpton, all the morons on MSNBC and on Leftist cable television have been bulhorns for the radicals. President Obama still has the means to pull his factions back from the brink if he so chooses, but being the rabble-rouser that he is, I find that scenario increasingly… not likely. In fact, it’s exactly what he wants.

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