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Wake-up call to clueless Cameron, Obama actually loathes you

He could have been friendly and diplomatic without slavishly heaping kudos upon the destroyer-in-chief. The guy is a marxist, the man who wishes to radically ‘transform’ America, and the dishrag PM of Great Britain gave a big wet, full throated kiss. Keep the vomit bucket handy.

NOTE: More UK buffoonery: UK doesn’t fear Egypt Islamists, welcomes their respect for peace treaty: British diplomat


‘I trust him. He says what he does and he does what he says. I’ve seen his character. I’ve seen his commitment to human dignity during Libya.’


Mr Cameron said: ‘There are three things about Barack that really stand out for me: Strength, moral authority and wisdom. Strength because Barack has been strong when required to defend his national interests. Under President Obama’s leadership, America got Bin Laden.’

Mr Cameron said Mr Obama had renewed the moral leadership of the U.S., and compared him with President Roosevelt, one of the most reforming presidents of the 20th century who established the principle that the U.S. wields soft power around the world and was the first American to win the Nobel Prize.

‘He has pressed the reset button on the moral authority of the entire free world,’ the Prime Minister said, adding: ‘Barack, it is an honour to call you an ally, a partner and a friend.’

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  1. Great, just lost my full English, could Camoron get his tounge any further up Barrys’ rectum?

  2. I think he’s pressed the ‘delete’ button on the moral authority of the western world, not the reset one. Cameron! How can you!

  3. And you know this how, Racist?
    No. you don’t your just a racist, bigoted uneducated scum!

    1. Hi Questionman. Explain your comment, that is if you can.

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