Like Obama and Sarkozy:

He should use mirrored sunglasses like the rest of the pervs.

H/T: The ever reliable POTB

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  1. As enchanting as the Australian-Danish princess is, I think this is a little unfair, Mary’s wearing some very historical Jewellery from some ancient royal houses (the Danish royal family are descendants of both Queen Victoria and Russian Royals etc) and he appears to be checking out the Jewellery rather than her bust (which isn’t very prominant let’s be honest). Those necklaces are literally some of the most valuable Jewellery on the planet and they’ve been some excellent documentaries about them.

    I think that particular set was inherited from the Grand Duchess of
    Russia, Fredericks grandmother from memory.

    1. Don’t think so. The way he quickly turns away betrays his mindset.

      And let’s not all get too excited about this. The man has done what most men have done at one time or another although there’s a difference between a lingering ‘perve’ and a sneak peek.

      The unfortunate thing is that the roving eye of the ubiquitous camera captured the scene in a very public way.

      In any case I don’t think the President would have been too upset by it.

    2. Steve, the woman immediately covered her chest after spotting him checking our her dairies, that she came to the same conclusion….sitting right next to him, carries more weight with me.

  2. She’s a beautiful woman with a beautiful jewelry and he’s a man, whatever he was looking at, this kind of fool subjects is only gossips, no use to anyone.

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