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Commenting on a post about the release of Abu Qatada, douche-bag traitor, Yvonne Ridley tries to lecture the Tundra Tabloids about supporting brutal Arab regimes.

Douche-Ridley: And what if the secret evidence against Abu Qatada came from Arab rulers who feared he would bring about their downfall ie, create an Arab Spring? Oh dear, it seems you have been inadvertently supporting some of the most brutal rulers in the Arab world.

Gee, what a great honor it is (not) for such a traitorous low life like Yvonne Ridley, to comment on the Tundra Tabloids. A woman (like her low-life buddy Galloway) who openly supports the thug regime of Hamas, which threw the members of its rival, Fatah, from the roof tops during their take over of Gaza (which was an added insult since Islamic scripture calls for homosexuals to be killed by throwing them off of high places) and hunt apostates and everyone else who do not conform to draconian sharia. And you talk about me supporting brutal rulers?

Qatada is connected with Al-Qaida, and therefore a terrorist, and an a-hole, who belongs in a Jordanian hell-hole prison, which pretty much sums up you and your pal Galloway as well. When it comes to thuggery and brutality, your Taliban pals are right up there with your Hamas pals, in executing people in the most brutal of ways, (Islamic ways I might add).

The thugs Yvonne Ridley openly supports:

NOTE: She’s also a lying douche-bag as well, claiming that Gaza is enduring hard times, while her other buddy, Lauren Booth, (Tony Blair’s sister-in-law) is buying foodstuffs in a well stocked grocery store in Gaza.

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  1. I guess Ridley would be okay with Qatada and his wife defrauding the taxpayer and the landlord who thought his new tenant was a single mother with 4 kids.

    I do wonder if he has any other wives stashed away somewhere also pulling in benefits, because as we all know, having kids is some sort of condition that means you can’t work and have to siphon off benefits instead. Especially when it comes to taking money from the kuffar.

    So where does the lovely Yvonne reside? Has she moved to Cairo yet?

  2. Remember how we were told that the Arab spring would give rise to freedom and liberty etc etc. Why? Because as we have been told since 9/11, that the radical Muslims are a small minority, while the majority in a Muslim country are moderates, and wish nothing but freedom.

    Well the elections came, and we have an overwhelming vote for the radicals. Now unless the vote was so rigged that only the radical Islamic vote was counted, it can be safely said that the majority in any Muslim country are not moderates but radicals.

    That is one good that has come of the Arab Spring – it has shown the true nature of the Muslim public mind.

    What holds in the Muslim world, also holds in the West.

  3. When they do deport Qatada, on the basis that he was an illegal entrant, then his wife and children are also deported, as their entry to the UK was also illegal.

  4. They have a pill for everything else these days so when are they going to invent one for Stockholm Syndrome? A prescription that could be entirely government funded with the public’s blessing.
    Either that or she could just shut the hell up.

  5. Assad is now fighting the MB. And not just any old MB, but the Syrian MB, that is far vicious then any other brand of MB.

    So what is the West, particularly Britain and France, doing? They are planning to give arms and ammo to al-Qaeda/MB in Syria via Sunni Arabs in the region.

    In the meantime

    Barnabas Fund is today launching a crisis appeal for Christians in Syria who are hungry and helpless amid the brutal fighting between government troops and rebels.

    The key battleground of Homs is encircled by fighters from both sides, leaving the Christians there and in the surrounding villages – approximately 100,000 – in the firing line, many of them trapped in the city.
    Barnabas Fund is providing urgent help for Christians in Syria

    First orphans and now whole families are being evacuated, and are in desperate need of food and basics. Prices have rocketed, supplies are running low, and it is often too dangerous to go out in search of food. Even in some parts of the country not directly affected by violence, there is inflation of 30-50%, while in Homs itself some prices have tripled.

    More than 200 Christians have been killed, and the community has been beset by a series of kidnappings. The rebels make high ransom demands for the return of the captives, but in two known cases the victims’ bodies were found after the money had been paid. Some families are now becoming so desperate that they tell the kidnappers to kill their loved one immediately rather than subjecting them to torture. </b?


    Getting the ransom and yet murdering the kidnapped, was the standard OP in Iraq.

  6. @ KGS
    I fail to see how “douche bag traitor” and “low life” has any more decorum than vermin & parasite. But it’s your blog and your rules. Just calling it as I see it.

  7. It doesn’t matter where evidence comes from. Evidence is reviewed and examined for veracity “irregardlessly” of the motivations of it’s source.

    Otherwise when a criminal turns states evidence the evidence they provide against their criminal compatriots would always be useless.

    One might as well say a judge who accepts the evidence of someone who turned states evidence is supporting the criminal and endorsing the crime that was comitted- but that’s the exact opposite of what the judge is doing.

    And talking about a brutal dictator in that region is just tooo simple minded (as if that slave rag on her fascist head isn’t screaming “simple minded” already). They’re ALL brutal and the Arab Spring has changed that neither by one jot nor by one tittle. Prostitutes like Galloway just pretend they aren’t as long as they continue to stuff his G-string (UNSEE UNSEE!!!).

    That she folds in an argument against secret evidence tells you all you need to know about her true allegiance. Islamic terrorism supporters have worked against the use of secret evidence in order to hamper our kufar countries efforts at peaceful self defence. At least one American lawyer who did so is now behind bars where her fat fascist loving ass belongs.

    This woman might be masquerading as a libral or left wing but she is actually an extreme far right extremist. Her words, motivations and choice of allies speak for themselves. You can’t be libral and support right wing extremists.

    She is a far right extremist.

  8. Okay then.I won’t bother you again.Un-bookmarked!

  9. Wasn’t this slave of allah snackbar the daily fail journo who soon after 9/11 got arrested in afgan for spying by the taliban? If so we should exile her there so she can get married to some goat fucking boy buggering wife beating honour killing talitubbie.

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