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Folks, the Hungarian Jobbik party is the closest a political party can come to being a neo-Fascist party, in other words, they’re the real deal, funny paramilitary outfits and all. Socialist, statist xenophobes and Jew haters that support the Iranian regime, that pretty much sums up the mindset of this bunch of brownshirt throwbacks. It looks like the government of Hungary was embarrassed enough by Benjamin Weinthal’s piece on the Jobbik (below), that they took to issuing an important communique condemning the Jobbik (Google translation):

Communication from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Author: MTI – 4 hours ago

Communication from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Jerusalem Post, the 2012th Hungary on 5 February article on the management of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the Jobbik representatives of the Parliament of the Holocaust, the Israeli domestic political situation and the Near and Middle East political relations position. The Hungarian government is unprecedented genocide keeps the tragic death of the Hungarian Jews during World War II.

Considered extremely important, due to its weight in the national memory, the education, research, compensation of victims and their families. Our country in all forms of Holocaust denial is rejected. The Hungarian foreign policy has always been committed to regime change was the addition to Israel’s security. Hungary supports any effort that is sustainable and equitable two-state solution based on a negotiated peace towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Iranian situation and share the concerns expressed by the EU and NATO partners drew up a number of occasions, and an active participant in this federal policy is formulated and implemented.

The State Department leadership also categorically rejects any intentions lurking driven the recent anti-Hungarian propaganda inciting hysteria fit malicious attempt, which was based on false statements to the Hungarian government’s attempt to blend some of the irresponsible policies of right-wing opposition manifestations. Publisher: Ministry of Foreign Affairs ———————————————– ——————– Please our subscribers to the National Press Service material is used in all cases, signal OS. MTI literally, all untouched to be submitted to the OS releases, the lyrics for all cases reported in the communication is responsible for communicating. (C) Copyright MTI Inc. Non-Profit
(C) MTI Hungarian News Agency Ltd.

NOTE: Kudos to Weinthal for the hard hitting piece, it appears to have awoken some people up in the Hungarian MFA.

Radical party spokesman says Jews ‘colonizing’ Hungary


Extremist Hungarian Jobbik party plays down Holocaust, calls Lieberman a ‘pure Nazi’ and supports Iran.

BERLIN – A spokesman for the anti-Jewish and pro-Iranian Jobbik political party in Hungary cast doubt last week on the veracity of the Holocaust in Hungary, compared Israel with Nazi Germany, and said Jews are invading Hungary, according to the London-based Jewish Chronicle.

The extremist right-wing Jobbik party has 47 deputies in the Hungarian Parliament.

Marton Gyongyosi, the foreign affairs spokesman of Jobbik, told the Chronicle that it is questionable whether 400,000 Hungarian Jews were murdered or deported during the Holocaust.

“It has become a fantastic business to jiggle around with the numbers,” said Gyongyosi.

In an interview with the British newspaper’s Orlando Radice, Gyongyosi added that the Jewish state’s policies toward the Palestinians amounted to a “Nazi system.”

Political commentator Tom Gross, who has written extensively about anti-Semitism in Europe, told The Jerusalem Post on Saturday that “the developments in Hungary, a European Union and NATO member state right in the heart of Europe, are very worrying indeed. And the failure of the EU as an institution to make clear to the Hungarians that this kind of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial is utterly unacceptable is also deeply troubling. Hungary should consider outlawing parties like Jobbik if they don’t dismiss Gyongyosi as a spokesman.”

More here.

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