Malmö Police who were interviewed by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and the Tundra Tabloids in 2009.

They were noticeably  tired then, and no doubt even more fatigued now.

Mustard Gas?

Bomb attack rocks Malmö police station

A police station in central Malmö was hit by a powerful explosion early Wednesday morning, leaving a hole in the building. “Several people reacted to the powerful explosion and we received a number of calls,” Skåne police duty officer Marie Keimar told the TT news agency. Two men dressed in dark clothing were seen placing what is believed to be a bomb outside the building before fleeing the scene.

The blast, which took place around 2.30am, left a hole in the police station’s brick wall and caused extensive damage to the offices inside. Police say there are a number of witnesses to the incident, but Keimar was unable to elaborate on what witnesses may have said about what they saw.

However, eye witness Tomas Holmqvist told Svergies Television (SVT) that he had seen two men dressed in black place the charge outside the station.The two men then fled the scene on a black scooter. The police station singled out in the attack is located on Eriksfältsgatan in central Malmö.

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  1. well, that’s what I was highlighting in the video which I uploaded some days ago before being threatened by youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVZ7p7o_8lI&feature=channel_video_title

    The government, of course, will say thet is was a work of “swedes”… but why are they so tanned? And why is their hair so black? Well, probably because the have spent too much time in the tanning booth…

    The land of the real swedes is slipping down the toilet, and nobody seems to take notice. According to Fjordman, successive layers of ideological idiocy and lack of war/prolongued national well-being are the responsible for this fiasco. He must be right…

    My islamonausea keeps growing by the day.

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