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I truly loathe these statist, fecal headed politicians.

The EU Project won’t be complete until the throat of every last citizen in Europe is under the boot heel of these temporary, power lusting, statist politicians and bureaucrats. We’re supposed to believe that the very same geniuses that got us (Europe) into trouble, are the very same geniuses that will get us out of it.

I’m telling you folks, the EU is the most corrupt, and anti-democratic political institution ever created in the West, and the morons in both the Finnish government (and in most of its political parties) and across Europe, cling to the fiction that their countries still maintain their sovereignty. Kick these bastards out once and for all people of Europe, you’ve been sold an utopian bill of goods.

Instead, her solution is more ‘integration’, by transferring more powers from a national level to EU institutions such as the European Court of Justice, so that the continent is “turned into a Europe that works.”

Merkel: Transfer more powers to EU, not more money to bail-out fund

26.01.12 @ 09:04


BRUSSELS – German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said transferring more powers to EU institutions rather than increasing the size of the eurozone’s future bail-out fund is the way to overcome the euro crisis.

“We have said right from the start that we want to stand up for the euro, but what we don’t want is a situation where we are forced to promise something that we will not be able to fulfil,” Merkel said Wednesday (25 January) in the opening speech of the World Economic Forum, an informal gathering of leaders and business magnates held every year in Davos, a Swiss mountain resort.

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  1. well… we are starting to get pissed off. I’m a Finn, running a small time family business. We have a big family. And WE ARE STARTING TO GET PISSED OFF. And I’m certain that the regular people are doing the same. This cannot continue for long, even we Finns are going to get pissed off enough at some point. Just, give us some time to do that. Hmm, lots of repetition, but forgive me, I’m a bit drunk. 😛

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