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Utopianism is a cult.

I picked up a copy of Mark Levin’s new book, Ameritopia, in which Levin explores the reasons of “what is the force that both allures a free people and destroys them?” In the first opening pages of the book where he writes about utopianism, I found this pearl, and he wasn’t even describing multiculturalism per say, just the attributes of the utopian mindset:

This really goes to the heart of multiculturalism itself, whose proponents present it as the  panacea for ‘societal angst’ and age old strife between the peoples (racism, bigotry). Here’s the catch, their ‘peace on earth’ can only happen within the framework of a utopian (socialist) driven society, because it involves the establishment of the idea of ‘group rights’, which in turn must trump the proven concept of individual, sovereign rights. The latter simply has to cease to exist.

The multiculturalist utopians desire to control the whole social fabric of society. Far from creating their utopian unity on earth, they actually end up pitting one set of groups against the other, through their selective policies that choose the ‘winners and losers’ in society.

It’s much the same way big government statists exert their control over the economy, choosing which banks and businesses to be rescued and which ones will be allowed to fail, as well as supporting policies that will benefit a certain sector of business that greatly contributed to their campaign coffers and private bank accounts. They end up ruining the economy and corrupting the whole of society in the process.

This is only one paragraph from the book, but it offers a whole plethora of commentary on any given number of subjects involving utopian schemes. This book is must for anyone wanting to´understand the mindset arrayed against us and against our society. KGS

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