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Gideon Gitai represents the very same mentality that was seen in Sweden some years ago when an another former Israeli, Dror Feiler, made a highly offensive ‘art’ exhibit highlighting an Arab suicide bomber who murdered Israelis, floating her picture in a pool of fake blood. The then Israeli Ambassador to Sweden , Zvi Mazel, tossed one of the lamps shining on the pool, into the pool, thereby creating an international incident.

Gideon Gitai is one of these far-leftist ex-Israelis who make it their life’s ambition to be as provocative as possible towards the state of Israel, due to their radical extremist views. It’s a shame that the Finnish state broadcaster YLE, gives air time to his highly politicized nonsense, let alone without an opposing view.

Back in 2006 (July 25) during the Lebanon war with Israel, (started by the Hezbollah) Israel shelled the Khiam UN observer station in which four UN observers, including a Finn, Jarno Mäkinen, were killed during a period in which Israeli forces were being attacked from the vicinity of the UN post. The Israelis never intended to kill UN personnel as Ran Cohen, a dovish colonel in the Israeli army reserves, stated back then:

“I have not even the slightest doubt that we’re talking here about a mistake, technical or otherwise. The army, as long as I’ve known it — and I’m fairly critical — never wants to hit UNIFIL forces,” Cohen said.”

In the fog of war all kinds of mishaps occur, even to the best of the best, including Israel, but that simple fact is never enough for the anti-Israel haters, in fact, it’s highly waited for fodder, to use in their propaganda machine which gladly distributes it to the cottage industry of anti-Israel organizations and supporters. This film should be viewed in that same light. KGS

NOTE: Avi Shlaim is interviewed in the documentary as well, it obviously to place in Helsinki 30.11.09, just before the Europe and Middle East seminar, where he was confronted by the Israeli ambassador, Avi Granot. I remember seeing the well lit room next to the seminar hall where both Gitai and Shlaim were greeting each other.

Ambassador Avi Granot on Shlaim:

Original title: Um-Shmum – Seitsemän tuntia kuolemaan
Um means the U.N. in Hebrew and shmum is a dismissive rhyme for it. In 2006 the Israeli military dropped a bomb in Khiam, regardless of the resistance from the U.N. The bomb killed four international observers. The director Gideon Gitai has moved to Finland from Israel; he had had enough of the aggressive politics of his former home country. In his documentary film Gitai describes Israel’s belittling attitude towards the international community, starting from the 1960’s. Leaning on the US, Israel has been able to carry out arbitrary, violent attacks without any consequences. The devastating story is examined through the U.N. logs. A voice is given to the victims of war, as well as veterans and international politicians, including the Minister for Foreign Affairs Erkki Tuomioja.

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  1. This pious do-ggoder might be more at home in Norway.

    As for Erkki as an international politician?!

    I could approach a thousand people and more likely than not – none would have ever heard of him.

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