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They (YLE) tried to trash him, but they just enhanced him.

The Leftist run state broadcaster YLE is in the tank for the Arabs, that’s for certain, the TT has published year in and year out, reams of material that proves it. They dwell in an alter universe and there is not pulling them out of it, short of ending their enforce public funding. I ask my fellow Finns, why in the hell do we need a state funded news agency in the first place, all it does is promote the agenda of these temporary politicians and other political hacks.

We would be well served to end funding it and allow the private sector to fill the void, it would end the muscle hold they have on the news in this country. End YLE once and for all. KGS

NOTE: He didn’t answer incoherently, Israel is indeed the smaller side in the conflict when you look at the 150 million of Arab/Muslims that want to annihilate it. What they (YLE) did to Soini only enhances his respectability in my eyes as a true friend of the Jewish state.

Soini wants to safeguard Israel’s interests at the expense of the Palestinians

YLE: Presidential candidate for the True Finns (TT: Finns Party), Timo Soini, says it’s important that Israel’s interests are safeguarded, while the UN Security Council deals with the Palestinians  bid to join the world organization. Soini, took that position on YLE TV1’s presidential exam.

Soini as president would not support the approval by the Finnish delegation to the UN Security Council, of the Palestinians to join the UN, if their membership would be a threat to Israel’s security.

When asked whether Soini’s sympathies in the Middle East conflict is on the Israeli side, Soini said incoherently, “always be on the small side”.

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  1. If the ‘Palestinians’ stopped attacking Israel there wouldn’t be a need to safeguard both interests.

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