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  1. NO surprise here, the world 1400+ year old war and pogrom against Christians , being perpetrated by the ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’, is entering it’s next phase by attacking converts and Christians who have migrated from Muslim majority countries.

  2. As their population increases and the leftist enablers empower them more, the Muslims won’t just be persecuting Christian converts, they’ll turn on the white indigenous Christians. The British churchgoers and their vicars and priests will soon realise the stupidity of their previous interfaith meetings. Of course, this will all be ignored by the secular Marxist dhimwits in the government and judiciary, who will probably say that it’s the Christians own fault for not being Atheists, and they will blame ‘religion’ itself for being the cause of all violence.
    There will then come a day when the Muslims are so powerful that Atheists will be the next target. That will be the day that Britain finally dies.
    This can all be stopped from happening, but will it and when?

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