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  1. Official: Los Angeles arson suspect under investigation in Germany Watch the video at the CNN link and note the Berlin correspondent avoids all characterizations of Germany’s own car-b-q problem’s though he does allude to the fact that it is endemic to certain neighborhoods.
    Quote from article at link: “On Wednesday, a German official said Burkhart was also under investigation in relation to a fire in Neukirchen, near Frankfurt.”
    FWIW, the following comment was noted as a response to CNN’s article:

    agone26097harry is chechen, his mom is an ethnic russian or ukranian prostitute who lived in chechnya and gave birth to a chechen moslem trick’s kid…….she’s been linked to the chechen/russian prostitution and criminal gangs for years, got to frankfurt and kept running here……..another 48 hrs will bear this all out…….so sayeth agone

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