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And believe me if he’s allowed to get away with it, he’ll do it.

Remember folks, Herman Van Rompuy is an unelected bureaucrat who couldn’t care less about representational democracy and the balance of legislative powers. He’s a statist through and through, and please pardon my French, an absolutely evil prick. KGS

NOTE: These are the architects of tyranny of our time.

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Van Rompuy: EU could avoid full treaty change via legal trick

07.12.11 @ 09:26


BRUSSELS – The European Union may be able to winkle out of the fraught process of a full treaty change via a clever legal trick, EU Council President Herman van Rompuy has suggested.

According to a two-page report from the Belgian EU chief submitted to national capitals on Tuesday (6 December), by amending a protocol attached to the Lisbon Treaty rather than changing the treaty itself, the lengthy and politically uncertain path of referendums and ratification by national parliaments can be avoided entirely.

Instead, so long as EU leaders unanimously back a redrafting of a single protocol, the changes can be achieved almost instantly, following consultations with the European Central Bank and the European Parliament, both of which would be formalities.

The article (Art. 126) in the treaty that deals with excessive deficits is fleshed out in a protocol attached to the legal text of the document but which remains separate from the treaty itself.

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  1. van rompuy does not need to be worried, he just pretends to be. who could impeach this emperor atm anyway?

    1. He’s unelected. Propped up the clique that set him into his current office. he’s unanswerable to the people-

  2. If a company or individual kept revising his books in this shady manner, it/he would be sentenced for fraud and banged up.

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