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The Left has to be defeated in all sectors of society, they’re a menace to society and to the traditional American way of life, of liberty and US sovereignty. Take a look at the shenanigans of Sen. John Kerry (Dem) who’s trying to pass a ratification of a decades old bill that would grossly infringe upon US sovereignty, something of which the moron apparently couldn’t care less about. Each side in US politics has its share of loons, but it’s fair to say that the Democrats have an overwhelming number of them, and unfortunately in very high places of governance. KGS


JOHN BOLTON: Well, the treaty is really a relic of the 1970s and it’s been an objective of the international left for thirty years now to get the United States to sign onto the treaty, which basically internationalizes the seabed and puts control over undersea resources in an international authority and locks in the rules of navigation that the US, up until now, has had considerable flexibility and power because of our strengths both in the commercial and military naval fields. But the proponents of the treaty are about to make one last push it appears with the Obama presidency still in office and with control of the Senate. These offenses to get the treaty ratified have occurred a number of times in recent years, are always defeated by alert people in the Senate who see the negative implications of this treaty, but as you say, it looks like we’re going to see this rise again one more time in a very important battle in the Senate this coming year.

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