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The UK finally responds in a logical way. If this situation was happening in an environment where limited immigration policies were enforced, then the danger of a balkanized society would be none to nil. But we are talking about an immigrant swamped UK that has been used as social engineering project by the Labour party under Blair and Brown. The ship is full and adding to that predicament more foreigners that can’t even speak the language…is folly.

Any state has every right to discriminate in the matter of who it lets in as a resident and eventually as a citizen and who it deems unsuitable, the idea of immigration is to promote the well being of the state, not that of every foreigner around the world who wants to be let in. KGS

Wife loses fight to bring over man who can’t speak English

  • Three couples challenged law requiring people to speak English before coming to Britain to live with spouse


Last updated at 2:05 AM on 17th December 2011

An Indian woman who argued that immigration rules preventing her husband from moving to the UK because he cannot speak English were a breach of the couple’s human rights has lost her case.

British citizen Rashida Chapti, 54, argued that her husband of 37 years, Vali Chapti, should be allowed to join her from India.

But immigration rules announced by Home Secretary Theresa May last year introduced new English language requirements for those moving to Britain to join a spouse.

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  1. Through a translator, she said: ‘Naturally I feel very disappointed. It is Christmas and I will be alone without my husband. We will keep fighting for him to come here.’

    Sure. From the photograph, one can see that they are all Muslims. So all of a sudden they are going to celebrate Christmas. Kitma, Taqqiya, and bamboozle the Kuffar, comes to mind.

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