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  1. “Moveable Prison”, an apt description. A combination of peer pressure and the Stockholm Syndrome are at work here.
    In Islamic societies, women are force-fed the idea that covering themselves is for their own benefit. Society also encourages informants to ‘grass’ on those who break the rules. Women are encouraged to betray each other. This is where peer pressure becomes a factor.
    Phyllis Chesler is wrong, however, when she claims that covering is not a requirement in Islam. Mohammed himself ordered his wives to veil themselves as he was paranoid about other men ogling them. Jealousy and misogyny in Islam came directly from the Prophet himself. The radical groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, know this. They will encourage and enforce the complete covering of women whenever they get the chance!

    1. Good point Softly Bob, Chesler missed that one, as did I.

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