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One of the first times I actually like a West Wing segment. Also, it looks like Assad is on the ropes, and his regime according to Israeli defense minister, Ehud Barak “should be viewed in terms of weeks not months or years.”

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  1. This time the commission didn’t interfere in evacuating the building, but the issue of school safety, first raised after the 2002 Makkah blaze, remains today.


    The female gender is confirmed, yet again, to be a disposable commodity.

    The fierce fire that burned Baraim Al-Watan Girls’ School in the Al-Safa District on November 19 left three teachers dead and 56 students and school personnel injured. “…”Killed in the Jeddah blaze were teachers Souzan Al-Khaledi, Reem Al-Nahari and Ghadeer Katoua. Al-Khaledi was fatally injured after jumping from a third-floor window. Al-Nahari and Katoua died from smoke inhalation. Katoua was also deputy director of the primary school. Civil Defense investigators determined that five students playing with matches started the fire in the school’s basement. link

    A teacher, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because she is not authorized to speak for the Ministry of Education, said there are significant differences in safety features between boys and girls schools.
    “Most of the boys schools are specifically designed to be schools,” the 40-year-old teacher told The Media Line. “Boys schools are not rented, and are all equipped with big yards for sports to play football and basketball. They are surrounded by huge open areas.”
    She added that classroom doors are usually left open and classes are often held outdoors.
    Privacy concerns by the Ministry of Education require a different environment for female students, the teacher says.
    Girls schools are usually rented and redesigned for privacy,” the teacher said. “Though they say there is a rule against it, the windows usually have bars. The girls don’t have allocated spaces for sports, so the yards are very small. It’s like a prison.

    Civil Defense investigators determined that five students playing with matches started the fire in the school’s basement.

    I don’t know about you, this determination is incredibly difficult to believe.
    Islam delende est. Lan astaslem.

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