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STUNNING. when you think that nothing can move you to tears anymore, that you’ve seen it all…read this and watch the video, absolutely shocking. (Sarcasm on) Oh and it has absolutely nothing to so with the culture that Islam creates. (Sarcasm/off). KGS

Thanks to Vlad for uploading this vid.

Chained and in tears: Children found in basement as police raid Islamic school thought to be a ‘Taliban training centre’

  • 45 captives tell of visiting Taliban militants who told them: ‘Prepare for battle’
  • One cleric and two others arrested, but school head flees during raid

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7 Responses

  1. The pictures of the kids just break me heart!! Look at that little boy crying. This is so sad!! I want to give him a hug 🙁

  2. Didn’t the Red Cross want to give first aid training to their fellow afghani Taliban brothers?

  3. It is this kind of senseless relentless cruelty towards the young that produces the crazed psychopathic wild animal behavior of their young men. Muslims must be quarantined to protect the rest of the world which should then carry out continuous focussed attacks on the madrassahs and mosques, esp. in Mecca, until Islam is no more. Bomb the oil wells too.

  4. This only shows where their values are. Human life means nothing to these animals. Some believe that Islam was created by Satan himself, I tend to agree. They are pathetic animals.

  5. why should we be surprised that the cowardy and bulliying thugs of the taliban behave in such ways?
    there must be hundreds of madrassas like that after all, large parts of pakistan still live in the dark ages.

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