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The TT is guessing that the Sharia4Belgium is connected to this but it’s just a gut feeling right now, no concrete information on who is behind it. KGS

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UPDATE: It was the bus stop outside a court where a sentance was handed down to a muslim who was convicted of an honour killing. Looks like it’s now a show of force, the right to slaughter your daughters or not.

UPDATE II: Four people are reported dead and at least 75 others injured, some seriously, in a gun and grenade attack in a Belgian city centre.

(Reuters) – A gunman killed four people, including himself, in an attack in the Belgian city of Liege on Tuesday, Belgian media reported. The man, named by Belgian press agency Belga as 32-year-old Nordine Amrani, opened fire and threw explosives on a city centre square which was hosting a Christmas market.

 Two people have died and at least 47 are injured after a hand grenade explosion in the Belgian city of Liege, according to reports.

Witnesses said up to three men threw up to four grenades at a bus station in the central square of Place Saint-Lambert.

Unconfirmed reports suggested one of the attackers is among the dead, but police have warned at least two of the assailants may still be at large

They have warned residents to remain in their homes or inside shops in the city.

Belgian newspaper Le Soir reported shots had also been fired.

At least one of the attackers has been arrested, while another fled into a nearby building, believed to be the law courts, the paper claimed.

One witness told RTL TV he heard three “large explosions” and then a series of shots ringing out.

Emergency services blocked off the Place Saint-Lambert. Picture: Gaspard Grosjean

He said: “There were sounds of gunfire and then everyone scattered.

“I just hid myself…there was total panic.”

Valerie Schaaps, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office, confirmed there had been explosions and gunfire, and that there were injuries.

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  1. The only ones who are not shocked are the inbred mutants that follow the teachings of the prophet. Violence, hatred, murder, and mayhem are their everyday norm , they know nothing else.

  2. The same day a far right Italian guy blew away from Africans at an open market…. tensions are getting hot in Europe… in other news, some international scholars said that they are looking to Bosnia as a model to learn how to incorporate Muslims into European culture…. Seriously.

  3. Will it be good whitewash or that melamine see through crap from China.

  4. Bosnia? Weren’t the Bosnian Muslims cutting off the head of living Russian young men who were unarmed prisoners? What’s next, Hitler was a gentleman? Btw, did you find out what the guy was who killed these people? Media like CNN, Radio-Canada, and Euronews are saying it was a drug dealer guy…. but I would trust my enemy with my life before trusting any of the retarded media!

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