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Erasmus University Fires Professor After Research Fraud

Elsevier.NL: The Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam has fired Medical Professor Don Poldermans. According to the university the professor has made up research data and violated the trust of patients.

The university fired Poldermans after the integrity commission brought fraud to the light. Poldermans, honorary professor Perioperative Cardiac Care, said he was sorry and that the research results confirmed the guidelines. He denies that he tampered with the results, but admits he did not follow the guidelines.

Taking blood

The professor has been taking blood from patients and making cardio echo’s (?) of patients who didn’t give their consent. The protocol requires that.

‘Patients aren’t physically damaged’, stressed the dean and director Huib Pols. He says he is shocked about the case. Patients who participated in the last research will receive a letter of apology.

Test results

Poldermans also filled in test results that didn’t match the patients’ medical information. In older researches by the professor the core documents aren’t traceable either. The Erasmus Medical Centre will review all the older researches again.

Poldermans researched how the estimation of risk factors can reduce the complications during and after a blood vessel operation. The professor has been connected to the Rotterdam academic hospital for tens of years.

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