Bosnia Islam 101


Gee, how do they do it?

Like Bosnia actually strays from the beaten path of the mohammedan. The title of “scholar” no longer holds the same meaning as it did decades ago. Yes there are a few shining apples, but there increasingly difficult to spot. KGS

Scholars look to Bosnian Islam as a potential model for Europe

Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, a debate in Europe has heated up over the compatibility of Islam with secular, Western society. Scholars meeting in Stuttgart took a fresh look at the question.

International scholars met last week in Stuttgart to consider the question: What’s the ideal form of Islam for a European context, if there is one?

An estimated 20 million Muslims live in Western Europe. In many countries, the presence of a large Muslim minority has led to intense national discussions. The September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States stoked arguments in Europe that Islam was not reconcilable with European values, and that Islam was not adaptable to democracy.

With such debates raging about Muslim “integration,” many are looking to the way Islam is practiced in Bosnia-Herzegovina for the answers.

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