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Unbelievable. This is what the Norwegian political/cultural self anointed ‘elite’ has bequeathed to its society in  the name of multiculturalism. Sickening. KGS

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“We’ve lost the city”

Oslo policeman to victim of robbery who had a gun to his head

– I’ll be home in just two minutes, he told his girlfriend. That’s when the battery took place, by robbers who obviously were experienced in this kind of crime.

While the young Norwegian man was blinded by the blood running over his face, he was instructed by the supposedly Somali robbers to say that it was “whites” who did it, not blacks.

Aggressive demand by the two young robbers for both his wallet and his iPhone.

Sturla is blinded by blood from the deep cut in his forehead, but remembers, however, that he has 1500 in cash in his wallet. He hopes the robbers are satisfied with it, but the nightmare continues. They push him down a staircase, then through a pedestrian and bicycle tunnel under Fagerheim street, into Torshov Valley.

 Aftenposten follows him on the route the robbers followed. He remembers a man to pass a few tens of meters away, but it was unacceptable to give the alarm.

– You do not cry for help with a gun pressed against his back, says Sturla.

Several times, he is beaten by robbers. Sturla is hurt and confused. They are angry because he’s bent over and too slow.

– Life-

The two robbers target him. He thinks that it is not their first robbery. They lead him into the back of a football binge, then through a hole in a fence into a dense thicket. There, ordered him down on the ground – in the pitch dark.

– I’m lying there in the fetal position terrified, and with my hands over my head to protect me against them.

One of the robbers sits on top of Sturla, and presses the gun up under his chin.

– I feel the cold steel against my skin, remember Sturla with horror.

Murder threat

So begins an increasingly aggressive questioning. “Password, Password” repeat the robbers alternately in broken English and Norwegian. Sturla understands first that there is no PIN codes to his three credit cards they want. They become more threatening to shoot him in the foot. Sturla is unsure of the code of one of the cards. He fears the consequences of remembering incorrectly, when one of the robbers disappear to clear his accounts. But mostly he thinks of his girlfriend who have long expected him home.

His iPhone rings. It is his girlfriend. Robber turn off the sound, sees her name, and scroll to the picture folder, he will find pictures of her, and says: “Very pretty.”

While Norwegian women get raped, the Norwegian men get robbed in the streets of Oslo. The policeman told the victim that the police only had two police cars on duty that Thursday night. They simply don’t have the capacity to keep the city safe for the inhabitants.

Source: Aftenposten

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  1. Somalis? Then we can do nothing if they commit crime of any sort, as brigandage, highway robbery, and all manner of crime, is Somali culture from time immemorial. Ditto for Muslims in general, as destroying the Kuffar and his institutions, is mandatory Jihad.

    And who are we to impose our culture on others?

    So thank our totally ignorant and idiot political elite for giving us so much cultural diversity. Rejoice!

  2. Once again – this is what you get for allowing your government to let the Koranimials in. Throw your government out in the next election or become another muslim state. The people get what they will tolerate. Stand up and fight for your country or watch it go down the drain.

  3. The ancestors are turning in their graves. There was a time the Norse were feared. Now, they live in fear.

    1. Perhaps if they build them more mosques and install more footbaths it will sooth the savage best. No?

    2. And there is nooo violent crime in american big cities is there..?
      as we say here in Norway… Kjøtthue !

  4. I’m sorry to say, but Norway deserves this for letting *animals* into their country

  5. Party’s over! The korang-utans have gatecrashed. Correction…… they didn’t gatecrash – some idiot put them on the invite list!

  6. Imagine how easy this would be to stop if the death penalty were instituted.

  7. You are just more like sheep. You people have stood by, and let your government completed strip you of all freedoms and never said a word.

  8. if norwegians are to cowardly to resist pure evil when they are the overwhelming majority, what chance do they have when they become the minority? RIP norway. norwegians either depose their criminal government and then expel the invading muslims that their criminal government coddles, or they will suffer genocide.

  9. If and when one’s government will not protect it’s citizens it’s time to vote the PC apologist bastards out of office. Meanwhile it’s time to put the dirtbags on notice and take matters into your own hands. In many countries these ‘criminals’ would be s**t scared to walk the streets.

  10. Remember Max, your WWII hero. He stood up to much tougher enemies than these bastards. What the heck has happened to you, Norway? Fight or be conquered. It’s that simple.

  11. “He fears the consequences of remembering incorrectly, when one of the robbers disappear to clear his accounts. But mostly he thinks of his girlfriend who have long expected him home.”

    The second sentence is reason why the country is being “lost.”
    An ancestor is turning in his grave he would have fought his attackers and attempted to defend himself somehow, while norweigan man of today, while getting robbed at gunpoint, mostly thinks of his girlfriend who expected him home. What a pussy!

    Plus, this sounds more like beginning scene for SCI or something rather than a real story, nobody reading this can confirm any of this happened the way it did. All you can do is be a sheep believe something you never heard or saw just cuz it was written on the interwebz, as you always do.

    1. Much as I despise your phrasing, I must admit that there is some justice to your worry that men are no longer willing to stand up for themselves.
      They have been taught all their lives that violence is ‘not the answer’, and in a Norwegian society, this is acceptable.
      But when the predators are let loose, one must be willing to defend one’s self – or loose everything.

      Worrying about his girlfriend, when he has an ID giving his (and her) address, his keys in his pocket and a photo of her on his mobile (all available to the robbers) is the least we can expect of him. At this point he should have, at least, rammed his knees in the robbers face.

  12. The time is now that we grow a collective backbone….what would you prefer, death, rape, robbery, or the risk that you might hurt someones feelings…As a father of 3 kids, that is an easy decision….Evey Norwegian, Swede, Dane, Brit, German, French, and all other Europeans have to think this way…..If you dont have kids, try to imagine that you do, or a loved parent, sibling you name it…..If it was a choice of deportation to save your kids life, your kids innocence, or your kids safety and security versus the risk that some might call you a racist or a bigot, what would you choose?

  13. I’m an American. When I was a kid the neighbor who lived behind our house was Norwegian and had fought against Hitler in WWII. He was a tough old man who had a big vegetable garden and a workshop. He would talk about Hitler and his “Nazi bastards” to my mom and dad with utter contempt. This man would never have believed what modern Norwegians have allowed to happen. The very animals he risked his life to turn back modern Norwegians are inviting in on a red carpet. It is plain cowardice and very sad to see.

  14. While I’m certainly not justifying Breivik’s actions, things like this help me to understand what pushed him over the edge. The horror in Norway is even more pronounced bc people such as myself and other White Euro males around Breivik’s age have watched this change occur at a pace never before seen in history: unless a city had bee sacked or a nation conquered. Were the London race riots of last year not enough warning? Is the current tragedy ongoing in Sweden not enough warning? Is the fact that Norwegian blondes have to dye their hair black to avoid sexual molestation by muslims not enough? Oh, try getting into norway if you’re white these days…

    1. Kevin, it doesn’t pay to try and decipher what drove Breivik to do what he did, he had a sick mind to begin with, and very well could have chosen the environmental movement to wrap himself in. He’s an opportunist and a narcissist for sure, he did what he did along those lines, not for any ideology.

  15. A Nigerian and a Gambian, both 20, are charged with robbing Sturla Nøstvik (36). They claim innocence.

    Other victims have been subject to the same mode of operation. The victims are approached on the street, and led to a dark hiding place as a hostage, while their bank accounts are emptied. From Nøstvik’s account the robbers got 3 600 USD (21 000 NOK) from the ATMs in 7-eleven, and in another shop at the Carl Berners plass, Oslo East, according to Aftenposten.

    – The contract with the People has been broken, says Knut Skjærgård, Lawyer

    “This rawness, the determination and the brutality, with which this robbery was executed, distinguishes this new crime that we used to be spared from in Norway.”

  16. “Fight or be conquered. ”

    – Conquered..? That’s only islamophobia, xenophobia, conspiranoia etc. There is no Plan, according to the politicians and the MSM, and the rest who are authorized to have their say.

    “There will be no compromise when it comes to defending multicultural Norway!”
    Anniken Huitfeldt, Minister of Culture (Labor Party)

  17. “norweigan man of today, while getting robbed at gunpoint
    mostly thinks of his girlfriend who expected him home.”

    I do agree with you, that the first thing should be to stand up and fight, but please keep in mind, that at this point he doesn’t know where the other robber is. “Very pretty”, they nodded when they could see the girlfriend’s photo on his iPhone. He might be on the way to their apartment, and what could then happen to her?

    As a certain anti-multiculti of 22 July, has been pointing out, this is part of the problem with Norwegian men in today’s Norway, the feminization of boys from an early age. They have been diciplined into bending over.

    Instead of keeping these aliens at several armlengths’ distance, which would be “racist”, men and women have not had a chance to build that necessary self defense, or have been stripped of it before it could develop into a sound self defense.

    This could, and will forcibly change, in response to this new violence and brutality.

    What will happen when the new Norwegian men are adults, having experienced bullying from the earliest ages as a minority in the kindergartens, and later in school, experiencing all along, the teachers and other PC grown-ups, and their own parents always excusing themselves “I’m not racist, but…”?

    I think this phrase, “I’m not racist, but…” is more and more fading away now, though.

    The people are maturing into the new reality. Little by little. The hard way.

  18. Everyone should arm themselves. Pistols for everyone. You’d be surprised how much things calm down when everyone is packing heat. Shoot the lying Somalis in the face before they rob you.

  19. And you europeans hate Americans and think that we are all mongols and lowlifes….call Americans stupid and unsophisticated…..perhaps you need to wake up and start thinking more like the so-called ignorant Americans and start your own militias and fight back!!!!!!!!!!

  20. When it comes to the point that you are made to feel a stranger in your own country it’s time to call a halt-well,actually it should never get to that stage.we used to have a saying here in England “Every man’s home is his castle” hah,not anymore,now that we have multiculturalism.Everyman’s home is now yours too.There can only be one solution to this creeping cancer and that is to cut it out completely before it destroys you.Our ministers don’t have the backbone to do it.

  21. Where are your Vikings! If Muslims are the victorious warriors in Norway, must Odin welcome them into Valhalla?

  22. I have served with the Australian military and have had been unfortunate enough to have to use lethal force against others!
    At the time my training took over and I was on auto pilot but afterwards I had severe nightmares with continue to this day! That was 20 years ago, so to take a life is quite easy but to live with it is bloody hard!
    I’d you want to stop then start up groups and march and have protest rally’s, get the media involved, then others in the same situation can feel like there is help defeating this global cancer!

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