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Grinch dhimmis strike again

A dear friend of the Tundra Tabloids mentioned the following concerning this story in the FPN.DK. We were both aghast at the ease in which portions of society, in the willingness to be tolerant, would so brazenly discriminate against members of its own society. KGS

NOTE: Remember folks, rejection of Islam, just the saying no to it, is tantamount to charges of discriminationa and bigotry….islamophobia.

Chipping away at the host society’s foundation, one little piece at a time, until that society finally accepts that it has no right to be different to the immigrants to whom it has extended a helping hand out of sheer naivity and well-intentioned but ultimately self-destructive sincerity.

I just don’t get it. We’re Jewish – and Zionist – and proud of both. When our kids were at school and the autumn term came to an end, there was the traditional end of term celebration in the church. It is merely TRADITION, not forced conversion, for heaven’s sake. Our kids survived, and survived very well. They are still Jewish, very much so. We have chosen to live in a nominally Christian country, where people celebrate things like Easter, Christmas, Midsummer, even Crayfish Premiere. Jews don’t eat crayfish – should we insist that the nation change its tradition to accommodate us? Absurd beyond belief.

The staff has decided not to participate in the traditional Christmas service in Lillerød Church because a high proportion of children in the institution are Muslims.

“The reason is that we have several Muslim families who do not want their children to go to church. And so we decided to say “no thanks” because we also have our everyday work,” said Susan Lund Andersen, the headmaster of “Ørnevang” to Jyllands Posten.

The decision to drop the Christmas church service causes great annoyance at the vicar of Lillerød Church who believe that the Christmas worship service is an important part of the Danish Christmas tradition.

Would amend the program

“I was upset and annoyed that they cancelled. They called and asked if I could make the program so they could participate. I always end the ceremony with the bright blessing of the children, and they wanted me to refrain from that for the sake of the children’s religion,” says Carsten Mulnæs who is the vicar.

He believes that “Ørnevang” – the institution – has taken a wrong decision because now all the kids are unable to attend the Christmas service.

“I believe that children should have the opportunity, because it is a Danish tradition. I know that the institution has a large representation of Muslim children, but I know that not all families have a problem with going to church. I think a majority of the kids will be cheated, “says Carsten Mulnæs.

It affects integration

The organization Muslims in Dialogue is sorry that the neglect impacts the children who would like to go to church.

“I think it’s a shame if it goes beyond the children who actually wanted to go to church. But on the other hand, I do not think one should force anyone to participate, who do not want to, whatever religion they belong to, “says Vice President Nihad Hodzic.

The act made Carsten Mulnæs write a reader posts in today’s edition of Frederiksborg County newspaper, where he emphasizes the church’s role in integration.

“You can not integrate into nothing. But that is exactly what we risk as with that kindergarten: Nothing. It is not respect for Muslims, but disrespect for our own history.”

The service is not crucial
The argument that the Christmas worship service is important for integration has not the great impact among Muslims in Dialogue.

“I understand that the priest gets upset that the institution refuse to go to his church, but I do not believe that it actually works against integration. Personally I have never participated in a Christmas sermon, and I do not think that it is essential for integration, “said Nihad Hodzic.

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  1. Shame on the Danish people for allowing this. I already call England the 58th Muslim state and your country will be the 59th. Serves you all right for allowing this. Hope your women enjoy those burkas you morons!

  2. As an atheist, let me say this. I enjoyed Christmas as a child and as an adult. Participation is a religious based holiday did not offend, harm, warp, upset, or otherwise disturb me. Nor did it change my religious views. They should tell the moslems to go piss up a tree, keep their kids at home if they must, or if they cannot tolerate any of this, the should feel welcome to pack their bags and move back to the 6th century desert that they came from.
    Besides, Christmas originated from a pagan holiday anyway!

  3. I feel the same way MRob, these people who do not allow tradition are exchanging history for one muslim at a time. The muslims are getting what they want. I too was raised in a Christian neighborhood while being raised Jewish. We loved our neighbors and their traditions, it was a magical time every year. They were interested in our holiday as were we in theirs-we all celebrated together. The muslims are isolating the Christians and the Christians are allowing this to happen. It is disgraceful.

  4. This is getting completely out of hand!! No muslim complained. But……so as not to offend them…..we censor ourselves. Are these people jerks? Are they totally insane that they can indesciminatley throw Christian traditions out the window in anticipation of Islamic violence. Or maybe making the muslims shed a tear? I can almost guarentee that not one muslim would raise an obhection over this Christian tradition.

    But Heavens!! Lest we find out. -BBJ

    good job KG – keep them coming

  5. Who in hell wants to ‘please’ a muslim? What idiots!

    1. They are afraid that they might jihad against them.

  6. *F* the muslims. Stupid Danes for letting that happen. muslims aren’t going to stop until the world is one giant sand dune

  7. What a sad story. I guess political correctness is more important than protecting the traditions of Denmark. Obviously the Europeans have lost their minds and are spineless. We are living in the dark ages where the elite few dictate what the culture and traditions of the majority should be. Obviously, the elite in power do not believe in nations nor Christianity since it opposes the corruption that they engage in. A stupid population serves them best and this is why they continue to attack Christianity which gives a human , dignity, and self respect. Wake up Europe before the dark ages hits the continent.

  8. The multicult agenda means saying YES to everyone, anyone, even those dedicated to the destruction of your country. This is a catastrophe.

  9. They have become like cockroaches! Raping and hijacking our lifestyle and traditions!

  10. To the moderator… Please remove foehammer’s anvil from your list of blogs and links. The website developer has become a ‘truther”.

  11. For heaven’s sake, don’t offend the sensitive muslims! The poor things! Forget about the Christians, the Jews, etc. as long as the muslims are happy. Are people so afraid of muslims they have to bend over backwards for them? I’m so sick of this!

  12. ridiculous! we are getting rid of all things Jewish and Christian in this country!We certainly don’t need to volunteer to quit and really stand up!

  13. This what Islam is.
    They believe they are superior ,they use “sensitivity” and racism as an excuse to silence and eliminate opposing cultures.They demand,dictate and dominate.When that doesn’t work they threaten,sue,rape and terrorize.

    They claim victimization to victimize others.

  14. When I was a child, living in England, It never dawned on anyone that a little Jewish culture in the schools might be nice. Or that Christians ought to tread carefully so as not to offend Jews. Everything in the schools and in the streets and stores and on tv was Christian – and White. Anyway, I always knew who I was, and I still had the freedom to be a Jew. So what’s going on now? Well this sensitivity to Muslim feelings is really not sensitivity at all. It’s fear. What’s wrong with multicultural celebrations in the schools? Nothing. But that’s not the way of the extremist Muslims. Israel is still demonized everywhere but no one dares to speak out against honour killings or injustice in the Muslim world.

    1. Excellent points Joan. This underlines the hegemonic goals of the Muslim ideology. They’re in it for keeps, not for tolerance of others, especially when their numbers reach critical mass.

  15. Strange. In Senegal (country with 85% muslins, 15% catholics) they celebrate Cristhmas. Even there, Christmas is a holiday.

    1. Senegal will loose Christmas as soon as the Muslim majority there want it gone.

  16. What is going on here? I am from England and we are showing our soft underparts to these people and I am really sick and tired of it.these muslims will not rest until we are all in burkhas or with a tea towel on on our heads and on our knees.Disgraceful!

  17. Is our own fault, we let this happen with the help of selfhating, liberals and leftards.
    They wond change their Ramadan to accomodate us, so why we have to accomodate them? As easy as let people decide if they will attend or not. The service is there for everyone!! Charities and shops are doing the same, dropping the Xmas decorations, but yetm they are doing Xmas sales!! Insane. In the city where I live last year they change the name of the Xmas lights to the “Winter Festival” and everyone went berserk, the Church ministers, fathers and pastors complained, the people made their complaint too, happily, this year we have our “Christmas Lights” back.
    We need to kick and scream and make the politicians afraid of us too!!!
    Ask if your meat at the shops is halal or not, ask for the respect of Christian values, or secularism if you are an atheist. No more dhimmitude.

  18. The idea that introducing diversity into a society can be anything but harmful when done in massive proportions is on full display. The weak will very quickly give up what made the rest strong–all in the name of feeling better or as if they are accomplishing something. They cheapen all and then call those who disagree with their changes to be “bigots.”

  19. Why don’t we just celebrate everything, from Christmas to Hannukah to Ramadan? How hard is this to get kids to know and respect each other.

  20. When you are seen as a very weak nation – Do not expect
    help from those that will not forego their country’s history
    and traditions just to appease a few. Be careful and think
    it out!

  21. Some years ago there was arabic graffiti on the church wall on the walking street in Copenhagen. This year I saw a large banner across the roof of an apartment building in the immigrant area in Copenhagen that said “a man has the right to live by his own law”! How about a man living by the laws of the land that supports him?

  22. As a person that believes that religion is a basis for how a person can believe in God, then what is the big hassle with having our traditions wheather we are jews, christians, muslims, or athiest, who cares. Is it so bad that we can live together in the same country an still have our own traditions an yet let our neighbors have theirs, where is the harm, if you do not want to be a part of them then don’t, no harm no foul, but don’t try to force the people of a country to change their traditions just because you don’t like them, it is their country an you have come there to be free of where you were, or is it that you want to bring what you were and where to dominate that country.

  23. We are Jewish. Had we lived in Corsicana, TX for one more year, my mother was going to enroll my brother and me in the local private CATHOLIC SCHOOL just so we’d get a decent education. Had this happened, I’m pretty sure we would have survived, and come out the other end STILL JEWISH. I think the Muslims can either suck it up or, as a previous poster suggested, pack it up and repatriate to their 6th Century sh**-hole countries of origin. Shame on you, Denmark. SHAME ON YOU.

  24. Simply pathetic. I know libtards around the globe are celebrating but the rest of us decent, moral folks lose yet another battle to the Moosilms.

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