The move by Abbas for unilateral recognition as a member state to the UN, as well as membership to UNESCO, are to be seen as calculated moves to further erode US and Israeli legitimacy on the world stage. (There was never a real quest for real statehood).

Ever since the UN was founded upon the ashes of the League Of Nations, that has been the strategy of the totalitarians, it has only expanded and intensified since the Cold War years to become what it is today. A freak show.

To prove my point, at a time when the Syrian regime is hunting down citizens in the anti-Assad regime movement, with thousands having been killed over the past months, the UN’s UNESCO organization thought it prudent to allow Syria to join its committee on human rights. It’s a real sick, cruel joke, but that’s par for the course for the UN.

UNESCO membership for the P.A., however, will come at a price as the report predicts, but it might really snowball into something even better (and rightfully so) if (I say when) the Republicans take back the White House and Congress. Conservatives within the Republican party take a very dim view of the UN in general, and towards totalitarians in particular, making the PA an automatic pariah for the next US administration if real conservatives makes it into the WH and Congress. We can always hope. KGS

 An excerpt:

Implications for UNESCO Unless the shortfall is made up by other donors, the closure of some UNESCO operations around the world may be likely because of cuts in US aid. With its strong commitment to freedom of expression and information, UNESCO may come under renewed criticism for its inclusion of the PA, which has a history of curbing journalistic freedoms in the West Bank and Gaza. If UNESCO fails to hold the PA to the same ethical standards as other members, the agency could be accused of double standards.

Read it all here.

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