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I’ll shall not be filmed!

This happened at the trial of three mustards who planned to blow up the Jylland-Posten in Denmark, and murder Lars Westergaard. Thanks to Sheik Yer’Mami (pbuh) for the heads up on this article. KGS

NOTE: Severly provoked by TV2? Is filming a person in a public setting a provocation? Only in the mind of a mustard and an appeasing dhimmi newspaper.

On Friday, the second day in the terror trial brought against Mikael Davud and his two co-defendants Shawan Bujak and David Jacobsen.

The three are accused of having entered into an alliance, aiming to blow up Jyllands-Posten and kill cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. Davud in turn, explained in court yesterday that he wanted to harm Chinese interests.

A little after the court had convened today, Arfan Bhatti turned up. He was previously convicted but acquitted of terrorism charges.

Bhatti was asked to leave the hall

Bhatti sat in the audience until the first break. When he was told by the prosecutor, Geir Evanger, that he had to leave the room. The reason is that he is convicted in the past five years, and this is the right occasion to dismiss him.

– My client was there out of pure legal interest. The men in this case are being prosecuted for the same crime he was acquitted, and he wanted to see if the PST had invented gunpowder since the last time, said John Christian Elden, Bhatti’s lawyer told Dagbladet.

Bhatti, According to NRK, had called PST Representative in court “swine.”

Threatened TV2 photographer

Then he was followed out of the room and over to the elevator, where he discovered that he was being filmed by a TV2 photographer.

– Hey, stop filming me, stop shooting me, he exclaims, facing the photographer.

– We are in a public place, the photographer’s response.

Bhatti is fast against the photographer, but is stopped by two police officers who arrested the defender.

– Do not touch me, he says, and asks repeatedly for the photographer to stop filming.

– I’ll find you, you work at TV 2. Do you not think I’ll find you? Mad swine.

– I will shoot you and your family, just wait and see. So you feel on your body what it’s like to film, he says before he goes into the elevator.

– We will review this.

Bhatti’s threats will be reported to the police, confirmed TV2’s news editor Jan Ove Aarsæther.

– We have zero tolerance for threats to our employees, and therefore the police case. It was made a threat to our photographer, who was there to perform the job he is meant to do, says Aarsæther to

The photographer says Bhatti must expect that there are journalists present to cover this trial.

– He is in a public place, and seek a trial where the press present. He should expect that he could be filmed, says photographer


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