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Islamic state 101. It was never a true democratic movement, nor could it ever be, because it took place in a Muslim state, and in the Arab-Muslim Middle East. KGS

Hundreds of thousands of protesters descended on Tahrir Square Friday to call for one principal demand: an end to military rule and a swift transfer of power to an elected president by April 2012.

Although labelled the ‘Friday of One Demand’, repudiation of the supra-constitutional principles, dubbed “El-Selmi’s Document,” equally resounded across the square.

The supra-constitutional principles, proposed by Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs Ali El-Selmi, have been the source of much ire by the vast majority of political parties and groups, especially Islamists, who believe they will win a majority in the forthcoming parliamentary elections, and thus would have an upper hand in drafting the constitution.

The so-called Selmi document, critics say, will grant the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) unfettered powers and place undue conditions on the formation of a constituent assembly charged with drafting Egypt’s new constitution.

For months now, the ruling SCAF has increasingly found itself in sticky situations for a multitude of reasons including: the chronic security vacuum, the continuing military trials of civilians, a deteriorating national economy and for “ignoring” the demands of the January 25 Revolution.

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  1. Yep, Muslims want Sharia because… they are Muslims. They don’t want Liberty… because they are Muslims. They don’t want Freedom of Speech… because they are Muslims. They don’t want equal rights for women… because they are Muslims. They don’t want Democracy… because they are Muslims.

    Yet, are we to believe that by geographically moving them 1 metre north changes any of that? No?

    How about 10 metres north. No?

    How about 100 metres north. No?

    How about 100,000 metres north, into the heart of Europe. No? Yes? Does Islam change because of distance travelled? No? Oops.

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