Obama's Occupy Wall Street Loons



They’ve thoroughly abused the area, no doubt all kinds of filth and vermin left in their tracks, as well as crusty needles and razor blades. KGS



11.15 (04:00 am NYC) Taken live from LiveStream , garbage truck arrives…..at Broadway and Pine…looks like Michael Moore is orchestrating the public disobedience. The Livestream mentions repeatedly that Moore is twitting directions.

 11:22 (04:22): Over a thousand protestors at Broadway and Pine. Now they’re shouting their constitutional rights, reading from the document itself. real rich. Protester heard saying: “it’s our country, we can do whatever we want right?”

11:26 (04:26) They’re now shouting “Let us through!” and “Drop your weapons”

11:28 (04,28) ´Shouting “Here come the calvary”, “You’re sweet you’re cute in your riot suits”

11:30 (04.30)  “We are stuck here, we need to go to Folley Square, we’re going to get trapped here. Some say go and some say stay.”

Ends here. I’m done with these morons. Live feed here if you want to follow it. KGS 

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  1. These spoiled dirtbags are getting just what they need less BS and a good dose of ‘wooden shampoo’ via the police if they will not comply with the law. Everyone’s rights must be protected, especially the general public’s right to move freely and not be molested or an object of harassment. The First Amendment is about free speech not boorish behavior or violation of other folks civil and property rights.

  2. Guess this honeymoon is over – in Zucotti Park, anyway. I heard about this OWS wedding on the radio yesterday. Supposedly, they exchanged vows in a traditional muslim ceremony despite having known each other for just two months– she’s only 19, and in this Daily News article about them, he says this is the first time he’s been in love.
    There’s a sucker born every day.

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