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  1. @02:20/3:37 the uniformed muslim soldier confirms this Congressman’s concerns as I quote:

    “. . .us muslims we are directed by god to defend our faith from people like that”. . .

    People like what? Those who are aware of the teachings (er, directions) of Islam?

    “…I feel like I’m here, you know, not only just to defend my nation from attack, but also to defend my religions honor.”

    Yeah, we get the picture. So no apology is warranted nor intended. Stand strong Congressman.

    Lan Astaslem.

  2. I sense that left unchecked or never questioned, the ‘faithful followers of the teachings of the prophet’ could construct a huge ‘fifth column’ within the military. It’s already bad enough with the Russians and Chinese and who knows how many others are hard at work perpetrating acts of espionage in the military, research, and in industry. The enemies of freedom and liberty are very cunning and deceitful, will go to any means and use any method to destroy or harm us.

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