I think not.

This horse and pony show has gone on long enough. The West needs to place warships at every single port where Iranian tankers take their oil for refinement, effectively blockading the Iranians from processing their oil into petrol. That, more than anything else would cause a regime change in Iran, and seriously hamper their nuclear ambitions. KGS

Western allies running out of options to stop Iran nuke program

Although newly released evidence suggests that Iran may be researching a nuclear weapon, the Western allies have few policy options to stop the program during a period of economic crisis and war weariness.

The United Nation’s atomic watchdog has accused Iran of making designs for a nuclear weapon in clear violation of international conventions, provoking renewed calls for tighter economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic and stirring up rumors of Israeli plans to launch a military strike against one of largest and most populous nations in the Middle East.

In its most unequivocal judgment to date on Iran’s nuclear program, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported on Wednesday that it has obtained evidence indicating Tehran has tried to source uranium destined for use in the warhead of a missile re-entry vehicle, the Shahab 3. The Agency also indicated that Iran has developed detonators and built a facility at the Parchin military complex consistent with nuclear-related explosives testing.

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