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Islam 101, keeping the brainwashed living in fear.

That’s how street vigilantism in a totalitarian society operates, getting the people to inform on the other to help maintain the element of fear in the populace. Sick isn’t it? KGS

Mom accused of pushing daughters to vice

A Gulf Arab woman living in Kuwait was accused by her son of indulging in vice and pushing her three daughters to do the same, a newspaper said on Monday.

The unnamed boy told police he had known that his mother had been involved in “obscene acts” for a long time and that he tried many times to deter her.

“When she started to push her three daughters to do the same, he lost patience and went to the police, who have opened an investigation into the case,” the Arabic language daily Alwatan said.

NOTE: Dancing with her daughters to Beyonce music would be enough for a mustard to turn them in.

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  1. The little guy in the picture looks all American. Which isn’t really out of place.

    The USA isn’t immune from the same sort of moral Nazism as Kuwait. One brainwashed little prig in California turned in her parents for something that should not be a crime but somehow is in the US.

    Instead of condemnation for Soviet style treachery against her own parents, the smug little wannabe Communist Young Pioneer was actually praised by Nancy Reagan. “She must have loved her parents a great deal,” said the disgusting piece of crap that was the Presidents wife about the little police state tattle-tale.

    Nancy Reagan would have loved it in Kuwait, not to mention the Soviet Union.

  2. My first thought is that this could be about prostitution and the newspaper is being coy about it because it may not be acceptable to talk about it openly in that part of the world. It is not unknown for parents to pimp out their own children. Disgusting and evil but not unknown. And prostitution is quite prevalent thruought the arab world because unmarried women have fewer financial options there than in civilized countries.

    I would wait to find out what exact acts the boy was accusing the mother of and what exactly she was doing with her daughters. It could be something we would consider innocent girly fun or it could be something serious.

    So he could be either a dick or a hero but unfortunately the story gives no definite answer as to which. There were follow ups on that stupid magic spell story so hopefully there will be follow ups on this even if it turns out to be something stupid too.

    1. Oh, I realize that it could turn out to be something sinister, but the kid didn’t seek the regular police out, but the religious, behavioral police. But it could be as you say.

      1. Neither this article nor the the article linked to mention religious police, just normal police. You made a subconcious error.

        1. The Mutaween, the religious POLICE of Saudi Arabia are run by the Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of VICE.

        2. The son accused the mother of “indulging in VICE” to the POLICE. Those words close together made you automatically think of religious police. It’s the sort of miss association everyone makes when reading every day.

        I have only ever heard of those douche bags in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Searching “Kuwait religious police” didn’t bring up any indication that there is such an organization in Kuwait. Of course I could be wrong.

        Also in sharia infested countries the police do double as religious police to various degrees. But in this case it depends upon if the woman is encoraging her daughters to have fun or encouraging them to commit crime – which the article doesn’t specify.

        But keep on top of it. Whichever it is it will shed light upon the culture.

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