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Just like they’re doing in the UK, one mosque at a time.

Tunisia: Radical Imams looking to conquer mosques
03 NOVEMBER , 19:38

(ANSAmed) – TUNIS – Tunis is already in the midst of fierce debate over its future, after the unexpected victory – at least in its scale – of the Islamist party Ennadha in elections for the country’s Constituent Assembly, but the country now finds itself facing a problem whose seriousness remains undefined but that does not appear to have a solution, namely the gradual conquest by the most hardline Islamists of the country’s mosques, which are hugely important from a theological point of view as well as for the number of worshippers who attend them.

What to Djemel Oueslati, the head of the Department of Religious Affairs, appears to be a simple statistic (hardliners control between 150 and 200 mosques throughout a country that has around 5,000, he told Reuters) is in fact a matter open to serious concern. Indeed, the advance of “pure” Muslims appears unstoppable, not least because of the speed at which it is occurring and, especially, with the state seemingly devoid of instruments with which to tackle it, if indeed it were to decide to do so.

This situation has not cemented itself in the last few weeks.

The phenomenon had already begun in the days following the dramatic fall of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. The toppling of the dictator created a power vacuum that was attended to only in theory by the appointment of a provisional government, with utmost confusion regarding roles and jurisdiction, while the situation paved the way for an aggressive strategy by hardliners who, after being opposed and repressed in the 23 years of Ben Ali’s regime, took advantage of the flight of the hated dictator and moved to take control of as many mosques as possible, a manifestation of real power, not only in the religious sense.

Slowly but surely, therefore, the fundamentalists, who are close to Salafist ideology began to “conquer” mosques controlled by moderate imams, who were forced to sneak out amid pressure of the most hardline groups, who used religious but also more “concrete” tactics to achieve their goal.


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    When the OIC gets their hate speech laws through we can use mustards to denote muslims. Now what shall we use to in place of islam?

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