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Norwegian Bell Martin reviews an anti-Israel children’s book by Norwegian author Hans Sande. The Tundra Tabloids reported on this story in September, now the NIJ blog offers a complete review of the book. Here’s an excerpt with a link to the whole review.


They then arrive at their destination in “a little country named Palestine.” However, the pictures are dark and scary depicting the checkpoint Israeli soldiers guard at the entrance to Gaza. This was in contrast to the border crossing in Sweden, which was not presented in a threatening way. In fact the girl was joking with the guard in Sweden.

The Israeli guard asks, “What is in your tank?” and the father replies, “Just water.” The girl then says, “The soldiers say that it is forbidden to take water over the border. Daddy has done it many times before, so it will be fine. But it does not go well. Daddy argues with the fierce soldiers, and I get so scared, I hide inside my sleeping bag. ‘But people need water’ Daddy says. ‘No no, no water!’ the soldiers answer. ‘But they are thirsty! They need water for their animals and their olive trees!’ ‘No no, no water!’ the soldiers answer and point their guns at daddy.”

After giving the Israeli soldiers liquor to drink and waiting for them to fall asleep they sneak over the border. Driving into Gaza, the little girl describes what she sees, “I see stones and dry slopes, no forests, brown grass. There are lots of orange trees and olive trees that hang with the leaves. ‘Do you see?’ Daddy asks. ‘No lakes,’ I shout out – ‘no waterfalls, not even one little stream!’

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  1. Pure indoctrination! I wonder if the writer gets subsidized by the government.

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