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Yet another faux “humanitarian” flotilla to Gaza attempt. Will the Turks dare to send naval ships as escorts? KGS

H/T Challah Hu Akbar

The two boats, one Irish and one Canadian, were supposed to carry some 50 activists and journalists from around the world in an attempt to draw attention to the isolation Gaza has suffered since 2007. The number was reduced to about 25 at the port in Fethiye due to complications with Turkish bureaucracy.

The Canadian boat is carrying US$30,000 in medical aid.

Amid cheers from activists at the port, the Canadian boat, Tahrir, departed at 2 pm local time. The activists who were left behind due to bureaucratic reasons, cheered and greeted fellow activists on board, asked them to bring back postcards from Gaza and to take care of themselves.

“Stay human,” shouted David Heaps, a member of the boat’s steering committee, echoing the words of Vittorio Arrigoni, an Italian Gaza solidarity activist who was murdered in April.

The flotilla, called “Freedom Waves” by the organizers, sails after a flotilla of activist boats attempted to break the Israeli siege of Gaza in July but were prevented from leaving port by Greek authorities in a move that activists on board dubbed “Israeli outsourcing” of the Gaza blockade.

More here.

UPDATE: Challah Hu akbar notes that they’ve enlisted the help of Google to track the Hamas supporters.

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  1. Didn’t they get the note that the West (and it’s media) is extremely busy with an abundance of protests and shit both in Europe and the USA and couldn’t be bothered to give a fuck in regards to Gaza at the moment?

    1. Not just that. While in Turkey they could have visited the victims of the earthquake.

  2. Korang-utans are so predictable. It’s almost a tired joke that despite being tired still manages to raise a laugh (or it would do if it wasn’t so serious). They’ve played this trick before, so they’re going to do it again – how surprising! It’s like Dick Dastardly and Muttley pulling the same slapstick stunts over and over again just to win a stupid race!
    Because they’ve tried this trick before and got away with it, I expect they won’t even make half the effort this time. At least last time they had some out-of-date medicines on board, this time i’m surprised they’ve even bothered pretending at all.
    The $30,000 dollars worth is probably a complex fabrication (maybe one boat has them, the rest will carry weapons), so why bother to try and look genuine when it worked okay last time.
    Perpetual liars, believe their own lies so much that after a time, they forget to hide them, but nevertheless, the Western Dhimmis will still fall for it…….Again!!
    The leftards on board the ships will have been told the usual bag of fibs about ‘nasty’ Israel and the ‘poor old Palestinians’ – and they will have swallowed every word of it.
    Gawd, someone write a new script please!

  3. Last time they said they were carrying 10 tonnes and it turned out to be a tonne of mostly out of date supplies or something.

    This time is 30k worth. That would help like 5 people for a week. It’s rediculous.

  4. or they could have gone to somalia where their islamist buddies, al-shabaab, say there is no famine, so it won’t be needed, thank you very much.

  5. Sink Them.

    The fact is when these people feel successfull they get more aggressive rather than peacefull. Lives will be saved if they are made to feel defeated and resentful rather than emboldened.

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