Israeli settlements



Boo freaking hoo.

Hey listen, if the Palestinians are going to play a chess move to circumvent the negotiation process spelled out in UNSC 242, the Israelis do not have sit idly by either. Keep it up you moron Arabs, just keep it up. KGS

EU FECAL HEAD, CATHETER ASHTON, always sticking her nose where it’s not wanted.

CA: “Israeli settlement activity is illegal under international law including in east Jerusalem and an obstacle to peace. We have stated this many times before. We call on Israel to reverse this decision and call on both sides to continue their engagement with the Quartet on advancing peace efforts,” Ashton stated.

NOTE: Jewish settlements are not illegal under international law.

US, EU criticize Israeli plans to speed W. Bank building

11/02/2011 17:00

Washington ‘deeply disappointed’ by Israeli response to Palestinian’s acceptance to UNESCO; Ashton: We call on Israel to reverse this decision, call on both sides to continue engagement with the Quartet.

The United States and European Union both expressed concern and disappointment on Wednesday at Israel’s decision to accelerate settlement building in response to the Palestinians’ acceptance to UNESCO.”(We are) deeply disappointed by the announcement,” a US official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said, adding that the Obama administration continued to make clear its opposition to such steps to the Israeli government.

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  1. Listen up Ashton, Jerusalem belongs to Israel, so they will build houses there. Deal with it or shut up.

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