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You could have set your watch to it, it wasn’t a matter of if they would launch their attack on the successful black candidate who dared to leave the plantation, it’s a matter of when. Too bad the media wasn’t interested one whit about Barack Obama’s legion of shady history in his closet, nope they shut their eyes to that one, because he was “their guy”.

NOTE: They did the same to Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas.

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  1. I have been just sitting back, watching him excel and knowing that he would get a flogging from them. Mitt Romney is their choice, for obvious reasons. That man is no more a conservative than Bill Clinton. Romneycare was the mold for Obamacare for God’s Sake!

    Cain is the only one in my opinion who stands up with truth and wants what America should be. He is the real deal and that scares the hell out of the politicians and media.

  2. Thomas deserved it, however. Interestingly, he used the same tactic used today to silence critics of radical Islam.

    1. Thomas deserved none of it. It was all manufactured to tear down a black man who didn’t fit the socialist narrative. Pathetic.

  3. The left will be attacking him repeatedly from now on – a genuine black man contra a pseudo black man

    Also a born again Christian and not afraid to put it out there to send the leftist media into a frenzy.

    Funny thing about the lefttist media, when they have no hope of arguing a case based on facts and evidence they close down the dialogue by launching personal attacks on their enemy.

    As Cain said yesterday, I now have a big bulls eye target on my back.

    I don’t think he’s worried about that however.

    Personally, I like the man.

    1. the question is also, what do people see in other candidates?

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